Mission Statement


Join Team Kainer and Support the Navy SEAL Foundation


Team Kainer is a group of cyclists, runners, swimmers, and multi-sports enthusiasts from many professional backgrounds devoted to keeping John Kainer’s memory alive. For some of us, John was our coworker, our training partner, our drinking buddy, and our friend.  For those who did not know him, his "fire for life" is the inspiration behind early morning or late night training sessions and digging even deeper when we feel that we have already given all we've got.  We are fueled by his memory and know that his passion will motivate others even when life, fatigue, health, the elements, and everything else conspire against us.  


Team Kainer aims to inspire others to share John’s "Fire for Life.”  Despite a diagnosis of brain cancer that ended his career as a Navy SEAL, John never slowed down.  When others would have given up, he began a new life as a husband, a father, an athlete, and for those of us counted among the fortunate, a friend.  Team Kainer was established in 2008 to support John, his wife Betsy, and his children Jack, Gini, and Maddie.  After a valiant battle with cancer, John passed away on January 18, 2009.  After his death, Team Kainer survived and flourished, providing ongoing support for the family he left behind.  We are happy to report “mission accomplished” as Betsy and the kids are doing well. However, John wouldn’t stop and neither will Team Kainer.


Team Kainer has begun a new chapter. Inspired by John’s spirit and Betsy’s heart, we have redirected our focus toward the Navy SEAL Foundation, whose mission is to provide immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare community and their families.


We have accomplished our original goals and ask you to join us in a new fight and a new direction.  Keep the fire alive. Join Team Kainer and support the Navy SEAL Foundation. "Is that all you got?" John would ask. Breathlessly, we answer, "NO!," and push even harder.