Team Kainer Affiliated Events

Team Kainer is affiliated with several endurance events in many parts of the Eastern United States (and don't worry . . . we'll soon be taking over the West as well).  Listed here are several upcoming events with which we are closely affiliated with or co-sponsor.  We encourage all members who are able to participate in these events to support their worthy causes.

When: October 18, 2014


Where: Oregon Ridge Park, Maryland 


Description:  The Save-A-Limb ride was established by one of the original members and current sponsers, Ron Delanois.  Check out the team gear for the Save-a-Limb logo.


When: December 7, 2013


Where: Virginia Beach Convention Center


Description:  Another great J&A holiday run! Look for the Team Kainer booth at packet pickup. Thanks again J&A Racing!



When: February 15, 2014


Where: Virginia Beach Field House


One of the earliest supporters and greatest friends of Team Kainer were the good folks at J&A racing.  They allowed us to co-sponsor the very first VIFL 14k.  Now 5 years into the event, we are celebrating a half decade of sponsorship and friendship between J&A racing and Team Kainer.

You can download our event calendar here: