Team Kainer Needs You


We envision Team Kainer to be a group of like-minded individuals who enjoy the athletic life-style in support of something bigger.  We encourage each of our members to raise awareness for the Navy SEAL Foundation through their association with Team Kainer.


Your asking yourself, "how do I become a member?"  Well, you already are.  We want to know who you are and have found that Facebook is currently the best technology available to satisfy the social networking needs of our team.  


If you have a Facebook account, great.  Let us know who you are and well add you to the group.  If your not on Facebook, I understand your reluctance, but take one for the team and sign up. Let us know that you have an account and we will add you to the group.  Send requests to


This will allow us to post upcoming rides and events of interest for Team Kainer members.